Plushies Information

The Marshmallow plushie launch is only a few days away, so I wanted to share more specific details with you!

Friday, 12/7 @ 12pm EST - Sunday, 12/16
(Plushies can be purchased after this date, but may not arrive in time for Christmas and will not include the bonus sticker sheet.)

  • $25 for (1) plushie
  • $48 for (2) plushies
  • $70 for (3) plushies
Bonus plushie sticker sheet will included for free with all orders!

Plushies cannot be purchased or shipped with other items during this launch period. This is to facilitate packing and shipping for holiday delivery.  Thank you for understanding!

Please refrain from using any percentage discount codes for the sale. (Shop credit and rewards are allowed. Feel free to reach out to me if there is any confusion.)

Plushies are on schedule to be shipped out the week of 12/17, just in time for Christmas!  (Applies to orders within the United States only.)

I am still calculating rates, but I am working to try to keep the shipping rates as low as possible! All plushies will be shipped via USPS. A single plushies can be shipped First Class or Priority, but larger quanties will have to be shipped via Priorty Mail.

Thank you for your interest in this first round of plushies!  I think there will be plenty for everyone, but don't fret if you miss out.  I plan to do more (including different variations!) if things go well this time!